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4 may 2020 » day 51 for me & the kids; day 48 for TheWife

a black field notes notebook labeled 'bread'
behold, my bread book

up at 0530, because of an 8am work meeting that i needed to finalize an agenda for. sourdough toast for breakfast made for a nice start to the day.

had that meeting, then pivoted into baking the second half of yesterday’s batch of dough, while also trying to finish yesterday’s weekly review. the bread came out well, at the very least. (dat crumb!)

one more quick 1:1 meeting, then a short break for lunch, followed by a power nap. dove back into work for a few hours after that, but in mid-afternoon the early rising time caught up to me. i tried to fight through it, but eventually gave up and took a solid 1.5 hour nap to reset things.

back at it after that, getting the meeting notes and the wiki space and initial tickets set up for the project that the 8am meeting was about. short timelines and totally new technologies are always an exciting combination for a project.

TheWife made cheese enchiladas for dinner. i helped by shredding the cheese. the enchiladas were excellent, albeit a day early. oh well.

after dinner, i voted, and then used some of the Artisian Bread In Five Minutes A Day dough to make a baguette. Or, rather, i tried. Some days, that’s all you can do.

lunch: sandwiches

dinner: cheese enchiladas, black beans, tortilla chips