horrible terrible no good tuesday « covid.house

5 may 2020 » day 52 for me & the kids; day 49 for TheWife

up around 0700. had breakfast. intended to get a couple sourdough sandwich loaves rising before heading out to work. the dough did not cooperate with this plan. i got out to my office almost an hour later than intended.

a series of petty annoyances — many self-inflicted, including more bread fuckery — kinda kept me off stride all day. finally gave up and took a nap around 1600, just to try to reset my mood. various news items about various protests (including one here in town, with fucking Nazi fucks) and states opening back up despite the full knowledge of the responsible parties that doing so means many, many more people are going to die, did not help my mood in the slightest.

overall: just not a great day and i don’t want to talk about it anymore. i think i’m sending myself to bed early …after some medicinal wine.

lunch: sandwich on the fail-guette from yesterday

dinner: delivery pizza