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10 may 2020 » day 57 for me & the kids; day 54 for TheWife

slept in a bit — had a really restless night, maybe due to the heat? on the plus side, didn’t end up waking up as sore as i had been worried i would.

had a late leisurely breakfast, mainly featuring leftover biscuits from Epilogue. capped off breakfast by getting a ham roast in the slow cooker for carnitas for dinner.

back out into the yard for a little bit more cleaning up. didn’t accomplish as much there as i wanted to, for various reasons. the mess will await the next sunny weekend, i guess …and maybe a pressure washer will be acquired to make things a little easier.

late lunch, followed by a bit of a nap. pivoted to weekly review stuff after that. called up my mom and chatted with her for a bit, as you do.

had dinner. cleaned up afterwards. ended up tossing out my sourdough starter — the mold got it. really should have transferred it into the fridge a week or so back, but there wasn’t any room. also made and baked a boule out of the last of the “Artisan Bread In 5 Minutes” dough. i think i’m gonna focus on that “pile of wet dough in the fridge” approach to things for a bit and see how that works out for me.

tired and a little underwhelmed at the early meeting i’ve got on tap tomorrow. starting to get a wee bit sick of The Isolation; already very sick of the people whining about the entirely reasonable precautions we’re still being asked to observe.

lunch: leftover pimento cheese as a snack

dinner: carnitas tacos, black beans