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20 mar 2024 » day 3 of my funemployment

our flock of three chickens, scratching in the back yard
the ladies

After the usual morning routine, I dropped Ms21 off at her internship, and then bopped on over to the newest coffee shop/record store in town, offbeat coffee. I wrote up Monday’s entry, then read the first chapter of The Visual Display of Quantitative Information. One of my funemployment goals is to re-read the first three of Tufte’s books, and then finish by reading the “new” fourth one. (Scare quotes because the book came out in 2020, wtaf pandemic time brain.)

your humble correspondent, hanging on the taphouse patio
yours truly

Following morning coffee, it was time for errands: bank (cash rules everything around me), post office (state taxes: mailed!), hardware store (grass seed: acquired), and grocery stores (dinner ingredients: procured). After getting back home and putting everything away, I re-heated some pizza and TheWife and I lunched together.

I spent the first part of the afternoon starting the grand basement re-org: I moved a set of shelves we use to store household standards into what’s going to become the pantry room.

I then decided that my basement work deserved some patio beer, so I headed out to my other usual local and read more of my Rust book while having a couple beers, outside on their patio, by the fire. Post beer-time, I went back home and threw together some bucatini and garlic bread for dinner. We were joined by a friend of Mr17’s; everybody seemed to enjoy the dinner. Afterwards, too many dishes, then TheWife and I watched some TV before heading to bed.

On and on and on…

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