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21 mar 2024 » day 4 of my funemployment

After the usual morning stuff, I got Ms21 dropped off and then posted up at Archive for a bit of coffee and another chunk of Rust book, and then — just for a change of pace — I went back home and read a couple chapters of Tufte.

an egret or heron, hanging out by Salem's Mirror Pond
plausible egret
statue of an egret, found in Salem's Mirror Pond
egret statute

I took myself out to a late lunch at a sandwich food cart, then immediately bounced over to pick up Ms21. I got there a little early, so I walked around Mirror Pond (not be confused with the other, much better known Mirror Pond…) and managed to find an egret (maybe? maybe a green heron?) checking out its cousin sculpture.

A sticker from the gym, with a faux-NatAm beading style anchor tattoo with an overlaid ribbon that reads BITCHTOPHER COLOMBITCH
colombitch 🤣

After I got Ms21 home, Mr17 and I bounced back out to the gym and moved some metal around. It was not my best gym outing; I failed to hit my goals for 2 out of the 3 lifts, having to drop back down to smaller weights. But we did it, and that’s what counts. (The sticker is one of the many, many progressive stickers and flags from the gym.)

After getting back home, I moved another chunk of stuff around in the basement, and then grabbed a shower. I helped TheWife take a shower — she’s moving around better every day, but getting the knee brace off and then back on afterwards is not really a self-service activity. We had leftovers for dinner, and then a couple of hours of reading/sitting around, followed by a fairly early bedtime.

todo tracking: 14/15