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22 mar 2024 » day 5 of my funemployment

We had an insulation company out first thing, working on a roof issue; after they got started, I took Ms21 in to work and then squatted at a coffee shop for a bit, to write up yesterday and plan today.

After coming back home, I did a variety of household chores: boiled some eggs, did some laundry (in advance of the trip Mr17 and I will leave for tomorrow), rowed 5K, stored the rower, and got the loft set up for TheSIL (who arrives tomorrow to help TheGimpyWife out).

For lunch, I ran over to Ratchet and visited the amazing Tacos el Pelon. Afterwards, I enjoyed a beer and read about Rust.

The later afternoon was a little busy — after getting Ms21 home from work, TheGimpyWife and I headed out to her first PT appointment. That went really well — she was able to do quite a bit of walking around the office without her brace on, and she got a good set of exercises to work on, and a follow-up appointment next week. To celebrate, afterwards we grabbed a beer at B2 before heading home to a dinner of leftover bucatini.

Tomorrow, CollegeVisitPalooza ‘24 gets underway.

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